Episode 06 – The Nasty Women Episode


Des Moines Women’s March 1/21/17

Photo Credit – Stephanie Keneally 2017

Bernie opens the show by reminding us that Donald Trump is a fraud.

Lewayne fires off a salute to the worldwide Women’s March.

AJ opens the show by announcing that, under the principles of “alternative facts,” we have become the “largest single podcast in the history of human civilization, with more followers than you can comprehend…”

He then brings us back to reality… One in which somewhere around 4 MILLION people PEACEFULLY marched to show their support for women and their opposition to Donald Trump.

Which triggers Donald Trump who sends out Sean Spicer to give what KellyAnne Conway calls “alternative facts,” which prompts a discussion of 1984 and Animal Farm, AJ’s coining of the term, “Trumpwellian,” and why Aron Ra’s definition of “fact” is at odds with the current administration, especially since Spicer says we can “disagree about the facts.”

The guys talk about what people want out of the march, what Trump is already doing to hurt people, both locally and globally, especially women, and how it’s just more of the same old Republican war on women… and why that means we all have to keep up the momentum.

Comparisons to the Tea Party movement are made, and the guys explain the difference between being mad because a black man is in office, and being mad because a president immediately moved to cause people harm, and has advocated criminalizing women’s sexual decisions.

They discuss the responsibility of the press, and Trump’s blatant assault on truth by attempting to make the public doubt what they see, hear, and know, especially if it triggers Trump.

This prompts a visit to South Park’s “Safe Space.”

Followed by a comparison between the leadership styles of Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

AJ argues that the difference is that Trump is operating in America, and we don’t appreciate dictators, we have (for now) a free press, we have Saturday Night Live taking the piss out of Donald every weekend, we have access to information, and we have a lot of motivated angry people.

And we can all do something, even small things, to bring down a monster with a million tiny cuts…


Episode 05 – The Uncaring Episode


AJ opens the show blasting the probable repeal of the ACA/Obamacare.

The guys discuss Presidential Inauguration popularity.

No surprise, Trump’s got the lowest rating in recent memory… and he hasn’t even taken the oath.

Also not a surprise, Trump doesn’t approve of popularity polls that remind us that he’s unpopular,or that his policies are unpopular. So, AJ suggests it’s our duty to keep reminding him and his followers that he doesn’t have a mandate.

The guys also mention that more protestors are expected for the Women’s March than for the inauguration, and how Trump’s inaugural entertainment barely counts as “entertainment.” We also mention that the one act based on covering a genuine performer’s act has now declined to perform.

AJ contrasts Trump’s tweetstorms vs. actual “press conference.”

Lewayne and AJ discuss the political capital one loses by picking fights with civil rights icons like John Lewis… especially heading into Martin Luther king Jr. Day… and whether even W would’ve been dumb enough to do that…

AJ expresses concern for Trump’s mental health and well-being, and Lewayne expresses further concern that his erratic behavior can have devastating consequences, not only with our global opposition, but our allies..

Lewayne questions whether the Right might be experiencing buyer’s remorse, AJ finally breaks own and says, “We told you so.” and Lewayne wonders if maybe Trump could just step down and let a grown-up, even an X-Men villain like Mike Pence, take over.

Trump interjects to ask how stupid Americans are…

The guys discuss the intelligence dossier that links Trump to Russia, and the reasons why THIS story isn’t as 24/7 as, say, Hillary’s fucking emails… especially when it outlines impeachable, criminal, treasonous offenses…

…and, why, if even part of the dossier is true, then the fucking Trump supporters look like rubes…

…and, why, even though the “golden showers” is, strictly speaking, irrelevant, it’s part of a bigger effort by the Russians to compromise Trump…

…and whether the Right would be this easy on a Democrat in the same position, given the Pizzagate-level shit they’re willing to believe…

AJ returns to his previous discussion of Russia’s mafia-esque MO, Trump’s connections to it, and speculates if someone’s absent tax returns might provide evidence.

Lewayne piggy-backs on that discussion, gives Trump waaaaaaaaaay more benefit than he deserves, and points out that Trump’s failure to divest himself of his business interests alone should be troubling.

AJ reminds those who doubt the veracity of the dossier that all of the US intelligence actually managed to cooperate, get together, and push for meetings with both Obama and Trump. So, they apparently thought it was worth at least investigating.

Lewayne suggests that the dossier revelations, while revealing Trump disciples to have been fooled, shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but says a lot about the electoral decision-making of Americans. AJ suggests that the negative impact of Trump’s election reaches far beyond our own borders, and akes Trump voters to task.

Trump interjects again to ask how stupid Iowans are.

The guys kind of agree as they discuss a New York Times article focused on the rural Iowa town of Monticello…

…especially when one of the residents indicates that he’s more interested in jailing whomever “leaked” the dossier, than what it says about the guy he elected…

…when another resident agrees with the guys that Republicans vote against their own best interests…

…the people of the town are “hazy” about political policies…

…express inordinate concern about “undeserving” people receiving their hard-earned money…

…and think Obama purposely became President to “ruin America.”

This causes the guys to spend a lot of time talking about mid-western “common sense,” and the double-standard the Right exhibits when dealing with “facts.”

Lewayne brings it back around to the ACA/Obamacare, and AJ wraps up the show before his blood pressure sends him to the hospital.

Music is “Slow Burn” by Kevin MacLeod


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Episode 04 – The Johnson Episode



Lewayne fires off a few rounds at several targets before taking aim at the Republican’s latest attempt at repealing the Johnson Amendment – HR 172


Donald Trump puts in his two cents, and Lewayne has to quote a lot of IRS language…

After the opening music, Kevin MacLeod’s “Slow Burn” (Working Class Skeptic edit), we get down to voter supression – sorry – voter identification efforts, and why they’re an expensive solution to a nearly non-existent problem…

That discussion includes a letter written by

Cole Staudt, Iowa State University Student Government President

Rachel Zuckerman, University of Iowa Student Government President

Hunter Flesch, University of Northern Iowa Student Government President

that appeared in the Iowa State Daily at http://www.iowastatedaily.com/opinion/letters/article_4a607a52-d61a-11e6-bdf6-9bdc33764e52.html

about the impact of voter ID proposals on college students.

AJ also reminds the Iowa audience how to find out who their government representatives are.


Then the guys talk about that over-rated actress, Meryl Streep, and how she triggered the Right by suggesting that an unnamed man who was headed for a powerful position was an asshole for mocking a disabled guy…

You can see it here:


And, read the text here:


And we learn how AJ really feels about Meryl Streep, open hearts, saying what one means, and the proper application of the word liar…

They also discuss Streep schooling Trump, the native New Yorker, on the value of melting pots

AJ offers suggestions on the proper way to make amends for saying evil shit.

(HINT: It’s NOT doubling down on the evil shit.)

Lewayne gives the Wall Street Journal some suggestions about finding a liar’s intent.

(HINT: It’s not, “looking into his heart.”)

They wrap things up talking about the use of Poisoning The Well as a means of manipulating “truth.”

Episode 03 – The Unreality Episode

AJ fires off the Broadside at Evangelicals who whored themselves out for a candidate who can’t even speak Bible properly…

The episode begins with AJ thanking our audience, and apologizing for the audio issues.

Continuing the religious theme, we compare/contrast Faithful America’s end of year beg-note with messages from Priebus and Trump.

Which leads us into a discussion of Trump and his team’s apparent lack of understanding of what the office of the President requires, and why experience actually does matter…

AJ take the opportunity to talk about football, coaching, and why being a dick is not the best method of encouraging people to work for you.

Lewayne, who thinks football is played with a round, white, ball, points out that exposing one’s weaknesses is a good way to get manipulated and exploited by smarter, craftier people… like Vladimir Putin…

AJ gets god-voice again while discussing the Twitter president, and how America has surrendered its position as the leader of the free world…

Which brings us back to the leader of the increasingly less free world, Putin, how dangerous he is, what kind of guy-crush Trump has, and how gangster-style connected Putin is…

…including to people in Trump’s cabinet.

Which gives AJ a chance to talk about The Sopranos, and Lewayne to speculate about the “lesser?” evil of Mike Pence…

AJ speculates about Trump’s potential use of polls to guide him in office, because he’s a child who needs reinforcement.

We discuss being “enemies” of Trump, why he needs new ones since Hillary is gone, and what it says about him as a leader.

AJ talks about Hana Arendt’s book, “The Origins Of Totalitarianism.”


We try to avoid Godwinning our podcast, while we discuss using language to manipulate reality, and that bullshit apparently seems to work…

…and that Trump doesn’t even have to pretend he knows anything…

Including that America was mostly already great…

We close discussing Profit vs. People…

Music is “Slow Burn” by Kevin MacLeod


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