Episode 07 – The Banned Episode


Image Credit:  Jamie Hu

Denver Police Commander Tony Lopez opens the show telling protesters they can’t exercise free speech without a permit.

(DIA requires a permit in advance for gatherings at the airport.)


AJ fires the opening rounds at Trump’s immigration order with The Broadside.

We do a “Slow Burn (Working Class Skeptic remix)” through the opening.

Lewayne Godwins all over the beginning of the episode and proves his German is really rusty… and his patience is limited…

He also references the “Law Enforcement Assessment Of Violent Extremists” to remind us that we’re more likely to get attacked by an angry white gunman than a Muslim.


Speaking of white guys, Jeff Sessions asks (now former) acting-Attorney General Sally Q. Yates about her willingness to stand up to a president who issues an unlawful order. SPOILER: She does. And gets fired for it.

AJ beats the refugee order with a thesaurus seeking the proper word to express his disgust with the impending Constitutional crisis it’s already caused.

The guys ponder aloud how an order meant to curtail “terrorist” immigrants fails to include origin nations for actual terrorist attackers, specifically the September 11, 2001 hijackers…

The Right’s answer – “It’s Obama’s list.” and “Obama did it, too.”

Even though, as AJ points out, Obama’s policies are regarded as “failures” by Trump, and Lewayne discusses why the policy isn’t the same.

AJ outlines the objections from foreign service officials (you know, people with actual experience with foreign policy) including four bullet points that put the order’s negative impact in perspective.


Lewayne throws the Right a bone, and reminds them they can focus on money as a reason to object to the order. He then takes a brief side-trip to mention Kurt Vonnegut and “Samaritaphobia…”


Then he loses his shit because people are actually balancing the lives of refugees against boogeymen.

AJ, more calmly examines whether the order is actually a “Muslim ban” by checking again with Trump adviser, Rudy Guliani, who agrees that he was, in fact, originally tasked with creating a Muslim ban…

AJ then points out that such a ban INCREASES the likelihood of terrorism by playing into the recruiters’ narratives.

This argument is reinforced by a clip featuring an alleged former CIA operative explaining that, to Muslim extremists, they are the Rebellion and the United States is the Empire…

AJ further points out that, aside from the impact on refugees, the orders lack of clarity leaves travelers with no idea if they’ll be allowed into the country. The guys also discuss what impact the order has on US military and intelligence personnel, and the apparent betrayal of their foreign allies who risked their lives for them.

The guys discuss intentionality vs. stupidity as motives for the action, and how, regardless, the current structure of Trump’s circle suggests less administration and more authoritarianism…

…and now Trump’s going to take a break from burning the country to the ground for a weekend in Florida.

AJ gives some suggestions for dealing with people who don’t think the ban is a ban… One of them includes the New York Times annotated copy of the order.


The guys take a break to listen to David Tennant reassure the audience of the chat show, “Last Leg,” that everything will be all right…

Then Lewayne talks about the Atheist Candidates website: http://atheistcandidates.com/

And AJ talks about why atheist, secular, progressive representation is important not just to us, but to the nation…


And FFS, organize, mobilize, protest, vote!


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Music: “Slow Burn” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) edited by Working Class Skeptic and licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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