Episode 014 – The Worst Spies Ever Episode



Breaking news alters the guys’ plans again… And they end up talking about Nunez, Russia, and independent committees, and why government and business are veeeeery different creatures.

AJ gets them back on track and they break down the Nunez developments, why they read like a cheap spy novel, why appearances of impropriety matter, and why it all feels like a Coen Brothers film.

They also talk about Trump’s failure, as a “smart” guy, to manage the AHCA debacle, that his only “successes” come because of executive orders, and how we’ve now seen that he can’t even get something done when he owns the House. And it turns out his approval rating reflects that.

Trump segues the show into the next segment by telling Bill O’ Reilly and Matt Lauer about his buddy, Putin…

AJ talks about thorn in Putin’s side, Alexei Navalny, whose constant protest and exposure of Russian corruption will probably get him killed. Which leads the guys to talk about recent Republican attempts to crack down on protestors here in the US, and how Nixon at least pretended he was coming down on drugs instead of protestors.

They discuss why Trump would admire someone like Putin, and how some modern Republicans, particularly in Trump’s inner circle, seem to be drawing inspiration from the authoritarian handbook.



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