Episode 015 – The Morality Episode



Bill O’ Reilly opens the show talking about the evils of Secular-Progressives, and the need for traditional values… like his…

Which gives AJ room to fire all cannons at O’ Reilly in the Broadside

The guys talk more about O’Reilly and other political alpha males who treat women like sub-humans, and AJ performs a reading of an O’Reilly Caribbean sex fantasy transcript complete with falafal…

er, loofah…

Link to Bill’s fiction book, “Those Who Trespass”


Which leads to a broader discussions about (predominantly) Republican hypocrisy when it comes to moral sexuality, and how they deal with the cognitive dissonance…

The guys also talk about Fox’s workplace safety, and how it looks to everyone when a company settles AT LEAST FIVE TIMES, and AJ reminds the Trumpkins about Trump “University.”

Which segues into a discussion of Mike Pence and how he’s the opposite of those Republicans…

but, not really…

Lewayne relates a story about lawyers peeing to illustrate how women can be excluded from participation in the “old BOYS network.”

The guys talk about the upcoming Special Election in Georgia, and how they hope Jon Ossoff will signify a shift in the red states…

Lewayne breaks down the experience of Ossoff and leading Republican opponent, Karen Handel, and why Ossoff seems like the better candidate.

The guys also discuss why Special Elections, Hell, EVERY election matters when trying to stop the Republicans, and how the audience can help, even if they can’t vote in the election itself.

Link to info on upcoming Congressional Special Elections


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*Correction - The reference to a 
$50 million settlement should 
actually be $25 million.