Episode 018 – The Where Are We Now? Episode




AJ opens fire on the right’s increasing attacks on the free press.

After that, AJ, and Lewayne, who is only “mostly” dead from the flu, talk a lot about where things are with the Russia investigation and a variety of other tangential topics.


Episode 017 – The Greed & Disgust Episode



Paul Ryan – er – Patrick Bateman’s spa visit kicks off the episode, and Lewayne asks how much money one has to make to stop being an asshole.


Then the guys spend a lot of time on the nightmare that is the AHCA/Trumpcare/Ryancare/Republicancare mess before getting into voter suppression, abortion, and other Republican shenanigans.




Episode 016 – The Ignorance Episode



Bill O’ Reilly and Neil Tyson discuss the tides to kick off the show.

AJ’s Broadside takes shots at O’ Reilly and science ignorance.

The guys discuss the Right Wing disinformation machine and Lewayne namedrops CASA. http://www.casaforchildren.org/site/c.mtJSJ7MPIsE/b.5301295/k.BE9A/Home.htm

Trump realizes what everyone else already knew – being the POTUS is a lot harder than being a rich douchenozzle. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/28/us/politics/trump-interview-quotes.html?_r=0

The guys talk about North Korea, and lots of other things Trump doesn’t know anything about.

Lewayne plugs the Swing State media empire.

The guys talk about Iowa, why educated people are leaving, and the Republican need to harm the people they’re supposed to represent. Then, the guys call it a day.

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