Episode 019 – The Backchannels Episode



Charlton Heston emotes his way through the opening of the Broadside, and gives Lewayne a jumping off point to finally tell Trump voters what he really thinks.

The guys talk about Trump’s official first foreign visit, and how Der Speigel, and Europe in general view the current POTUS. Hint – Angela Merkel has been bumped to the position of “Leader Of The Free World.”

Trump, himself, sums up everyone’s view when he reminds us that “The world is laughing at us. They think we’re stupid.” Little did he suspect that HE would be the reason…

Link to Macron’s diss of Trump:


Then things come around to Russia – specifically, Jared Kushner wanting access to Russia’s backdoor… and how, if Hillary were in the same position, the right-wing media wouldn’t have shut up about it.

And, now, Trump’s own lawyer has confirmed that he’s been asked for information from Senate with regard to the Russia business, which leads AJ to talk about the “pattern or evidence,” and the “proper” response when the FBI comes sniffing around, and Trump reminds us that he thinks pleading the fifth is a sign of guilt.

Lewayne reviews previous Presidential scandals and how they fare against the potential Trump/Russia situation, particularly with regard to how deep the hole goes within the Republican party…

The guys get into the difference between them and Right-wing media RE speculation, and how perception is more important to the Right than reality…

Then, well, then there’s some interference…


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