Episode 020 – The Kegstanding On Kool-Aid Episode



Jeff Sessions starts off by forgetting everything.

A.J. Opens fire on the stupidity and denial inherent in cult adoration, and the unwillingness of the cult members to abandon their leader when his fraud is revealed.

Lewayne can’t wait for Wolfenstein II, so he can start shooting (video game) Nazis in America.


Trump has the creepiest cabinet meeting outside of North Korea


There’s mention made of the COVFEFE act, which aims to make Trump’s tweets part of the presidential record, and a bi-partisan effort to keep Trump from lifting sanctions on Russia without Congressional oversight… Which sounds a lot like they suspect he’s got questionable ties to Russia…


Which leads to talk about about Comey, Mueller, Russiagate, Watergate, etc. and Fox’s Britt Hume tells us why even he thinks Mueller is a great choice for special investigator.

The guys also discuss how Trump’s personality keeps him from doing the smart thing… ANY smart thing… why Trump’s hard-core base can’t take their mouths off his cock, no matter what he does, and why, regardless of what your Libertarian uncle says, there ARE differences between Democrats and Republicans…

Before they wrap up the show, AJ talks about the Senate Republicans’ death –

er, health bill…


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